Research Has Shown a Strong Link Between Mitochondrial Function and Autism

Optimal brain function is highly dependent on the presence of multiple micronutrients. These include vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and other nutrients needed in small amounts. Micronutrients are fundamental for energy metabolism, free radical protection, detoxification, neurotransmission, and many other biological processes. When these functions are not working correctly, a wide range of brain disorders can arise, including:




Intellectual dysfunction

Energy is fundamental to life. Energy is needed by all cells and tissues to perform a wide range of biological functions. When energy metabolism is not working correctly (mitochondrial dysfunction), a wide range of disorders can arise as illustrated around DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man (left).

Abnormal Energy Metabolism (mitochondrial dysfunction) is common in autism. Research has found a degree of mitochondrial dysfunction within individuals diagnosed with autism. These studies are based on biochemistry, enzymology, genetics, and other modalities. Click here to see the data.

People with autism often positively respond to dietary supplementation. For decades, many progressive physicians have been advocating multiple dietary supplements for their patients with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Dietary supplementation, generally at higher dosing than that achievable by diet, can often improve mitochondrial function, mitigate many symptoms, and help to restore health.

Scientific Studies Have Shown Defiencies of Key Nutrients in People with Autism.
Supplementation of These Nutrients Can Be Helpful:

NeuroNeeds® Has Made Dietary Supplementation in Autism Easy and Affordable

All Natural Lemon
All Natural Berry

SpectrumNeeds® and EnergyNeeds® are natural formulations containing multiple nutrients shown to be helpful in autism.


✅  33 active ingredients
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✅  40 active ingredients
✅  Capsule form
✅  Anti-inflammatory ingredients

Who should consider taking SpectrumNeeds® or EnergyNeeds®?

  • Anyone with or without a clinical diagnosis who would like to improve their brain health.
  • Anyone on a restricted diet that is concerned about appropriate nutrition.
  • Anyone who would prefer a natural treatment over medication.
  • Anyone with functional symptoms such as those on the Vitruvian Man above.
  • Anyone who would prefer a combination product versus taking multiple separate products.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving general health with excellent micronutrition.

Additional Products Designed for Autism and Mitochondrial Dysfunction



✅  Ubiquinol, a form of coenzyme Q10
✅  Highly bioavailable form
✅  In natural limonene oil, not soy
✅  Critical for energy metabolism
✅  Powerful antioxidant
✅  Also good for heart health


✅  Source of omega-3 fatty acids
✅  Krill oil for excellent brain uptake
✅  Fish oil for high-dosing
✅  Phospholipids for brain health
✅  Assist in focus & memory
✅  Also good for heart health

Who should consider taking QNeeds® and/or OmegaNeeds®?

  • Anyone with or without a clinical diagnosis who would like to improve their brain health.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving heart, blood vessels, eye, blood sugar, and general health.

Note that these products are not intended to treat any disease. They are dietary supplement designed to assist health and can be used with or without any diagnosis.

Visit NeuroNeeds® to learn more about our products and the research that supports the use of natural ingredients in health.

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